799px-Tesla_Model_S_Indoors_trimmedA stolen Tesla Model S 85D was tracked down using a smartphone app and  returned to owners within hours.

Katya Pinkowski, a Vancouver resident and Tesla Model S owner, went to see a concert a few days ago. When it was over, she returned to the car in an underground parking lot and found out it was missing. It is never fun to find an empty space at the place you left your car. After a car theft, it usually takes owners weeks or even years to retrieve their property. More »

800px-Arctic_iceDamen Group, one of the world’s leading luxury ship builders, has unveiled plans for for a ground-breaking new superyacht, named  SeaXplorer, which is capable of breaking through polar ice and visiting  the globe’s most remote destinations. The new superyacht is set to be one of the first to navigate far-reaching corners of the planet. More on the topic here.

800px-Inkjet_Cartridge_Microchips_2We can soon forget what it means to open the door with a key. Jowan Oesterlund is a modern-day cyborg. He has a NFC (Near Field Communications) chip embedded in his hand. Oesterlund uses his NFC chip as a key to get into his tattoo studio. He’s a tattoo artist and he also does implants on the side. The grain-sized Near Field Communications chips are not complicated. They have 880 bytes of memory. More »

346px-Keyless_entry_remote_(Chrysler)European computer scientists have revealed a massive flaw in keyless ignition technology used by more than 100 models of high-end vehicles from different companies. They say Volkswagen and other manufacturers sued the researchers for two years to keep them from revealing the security bug in the remote controls.

The flaw, that could help malicious hackers to unlock everything from a Kia to a Lamborghini, was discovered by Flavio D. Garcia, Baris Ege and Roel Verdult of the Radboud University Nijmegen in the Netherlands. They presented their findings Wednesday at the Usenix Security Symposium in Washington, DC.

The researchers say the flaw More »

Luggage_awaiting_loading_at_airport_IMG_3140A new type of robotic vehicle could soon be carrying our packages and parcels to our doors, according to designers.

The Transwheel drone uses robotic arms to carry deliveries on single self-balancing wheel. Read more about Transwheel here.


799px-Tesla_Model_S_Indoors_trimmedYou have forgotten to plug in your Tesla after a long day of driving and the next morning you wake up to find out your battery is low or completely depleted. What about a robot which plugs itself in without any human assistance? You only have to stick the car in the garage and let the robot charger do the rest.

The California-based electric carmaker Tesla Motors has recently More »

800px-Hacking_in_progress_at_BarCampLondon_3Under pressure from federal regulators and after government and automakers raised concerns about vehicle communications, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV agreed Friday to recall approximately 1.4 million cars and trucks that can be cyber-attacked remotely.

The company made its decision shortly after Wired magazine revealed that a Jeep Cherokee could be hacked remotely. Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek, two security experts, took control of the Cherokee trough its UConnect entertainment system. They could activate the brakes, steering, windshield wipers, transmission and entertainment system. Although it was just a demonstration, the two well-known hackers highlighted the vulnerability of the security system. More »

800px-Nao_robot,_Jaume_UniversityWill the darker side of science fiction movies become reality?

Dr Stuard Armstrong, an Oxford academic, is warning that one day the robots will create global network with each other and machines run by artificial intelligence will take over our lives. Read the solutions he suggests here.

800px-TOSY_Arm_RobotAn automotive assembly line robot killed a worker at one of Volkswagen production plants in central Germany last week, the company’s spokesman Heiko Hillwig said in an official statement.

The 22-old man was grabbed by a robot and pressed up against a large metal plate which crushed his chest. The tragedy happened in Baunatal, which is near Kessel and about 60 miles north of Frankfurt. The man was part of a team that was setting up the stationary robot when, suddenly, the machine grabbed him. Volkswagen officials did not release the man’s name and declined to give any further details about the incident because of the ongoing investigation. More »

изтеглен файл (1)Speaking at the Freescale Technology Forum 2015 in Austin, Texas, Wozniak said that one day, humans will probably become the pets of robots in a good way.

Read more on the topic here.