Lose_weight_now (1)An Orange County, California man claims American Airlines almost kicked him off because he weighs a few more pounds.

Chris Shelley, a retired marine,  said he is outraged by the way he was treated after another passenger complained that he was too fat for his seat.

Shelley says he flies more than 100,000 miles every year. The Huntington Beach engineer said his nightmare began shortly after he boarded an American Airlines flight from Dallas to Orange County last Friday. When an elderly petite woman sat in the aisle seat next to him, he noticed she was not happy that Shelley was spilling into her own upholstered personal space. She “got up and left and went towards the front of the aircraft.” Shelley was approached by “a young gentleman” in a vest with an American Airlines emblem on it.

Shelley was shoked when the airline employee told him to gather his personal belongings and leave the plane with no explanation other than “anyone two inches over the seat can’t sit in the aircraft”. Shelley convinced the employee to ask the elderly woman if she would switch seats with someone. The woman agreed and then he was able to reboard the plane and return to his seat.

“The worst part”, according to Shelley, was that he was treated as “criminal.” Not only a criminal but a “fat criminal.”

American Airlines sent two apology emails and Ross Feinstein, a company spokesperson said that the airline has launched an investigation.

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800px-FEMA_-_37752_-_Residents_at_the_airport_preparing_to_leave_LouisianaA new X-ray scanner that uses 3D-imaging and can identify precisely what material an object is made of, is being developed for use in airport security. The technology could revolutionize airport security by making it easier to spot weapons and explosives inside bags. The new X-ray scanning technology could eliminate physical bag searches and speed up screening.

The scanner is being developed by a team of scientists from Nottingham Trent University and the Cranfield Forensic Institute at Cranfield University. The Halo technology uses funnel-shaped X-rays to build the image More »

799px-Tesla_Model_S_Indoors_trimmedA stolen Tesla Model S 85D was tracked down using a smartphone app and  returned to owners within hours.

Katya Pinkowski, a Vancouver resident and Tesla Model S owner, went to see a concert a few days ago. When it was over, she returned to the car in an underground parking lot and found out it was missing. It is never fun to find an empty space at the place you left your car. After a car theft, it usually takes owners weeks or even years to retrieve their property. More »

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Belber_Crocodile_Trunks_and_LuggageTwo Italian researchers have developed an entirely new mode of autonomous public transportation. Tommaso Gecchelin and Emmanuele Spera have created self-driving pods, called “Next” that could change the way we travel.

Different modes of autonomous public transportation vehicles are beginning to emerge all over the world, but what makes “Next” different is that it combines personal transportation with public transportation and it can act as a train, bus, or personal vehicle. “Next” consists of modular, energy-efficient pods that can travel on their own, like a personal self-driving vehicle, or can connect while in motion.

When the pods connect, passengers can walk through them the same way we walk to different compartments on a train. “Next” is electric and has six seats. More »

InterPlex Destination Services improves its online marketing presence
by releasing its fully-featured Atlanta Website

Atlanta, FL, November 2, 2015

InterPlex Destination Services has recently launched its newly redesigned website http://atlanta.interplex.net/. InterPlex Destination Services, continually challenged to improve and upgrade the company’s web presence and image, aims to provide its customers, whether they are business or leisure travelers, with the whole information on its transportation services, as well as quick and easy access to all of them.

Atlanta.interplex.net aims to cover the full process of planning a business trip or a family vacation and their website is a proof of that. Atlanta InterPlex Destination Services provides quality airport transportation, car service, limo, shuttles and bus charters with a vast range of luxury vehicles to meet all of travelers’ needs. The company also offers assistance with finding and booking hotels, restaurants, attractions and a great variety of additional destination services for meetings and events. Atlanta.interplex.net visitors can make reservations via email using the online reservations system.

The newly updated site takes a full advantage of the latest version of Contender CMS (Proprietary Localization and  Content Management System Developed by TripTender team) for rapid updates and seamless localization. In order to assist the international clients, there are plans for at least 7 popular languages to be added in the nearest future.

“With the ever increasing demand for transportation in Atlanta, making car service arrangements at the last minute may be a challenge,” commented Alex Roger, manager at the company, “Whether it is a business traveling or a family vacation, now it is easier than ever as the website helps our customers do it with minimum effort. Travelers can navigate quickly through the site and find exactly what they are looking for.”

“Our goal is to serve our customers best by providing the information they need in the form that is most accessible and useful to them,” said Dan Radeberg, an Executive at the company. “We are extremely grateful for the cutting-edge technology and the support we receive from our technology partners at Trip Tender.”

Mr. Jagger at TripTender noted: “In today’s expanding and highly competitive market, customer satisfaction has become a key to business success. Technology is an essential ingredient for every growing company.”

“You are easy to use. The updates are great and everything is just one click away,” said Karen Miller, a regular customer of InterPlex Destination Services, “I like people here, always friendly and professional.”

Atlanta InterPlex Transportation is a premier transportation service provider performing top quality travel assistance. Experienced, highly professional chauffeurs operate a fleet of the latest models luxurious vehicles. With the latest version of the website the company hopes to reach more new customers while keeping in touch and strengthening the relations with the existing clients.

About Atlanta InterPlex Destination Services (http://atlanta.interplex.net)– The company provides a variety of transportation and destination services to Atlanta and every tourist and business destination in the area. The ground transportation services include: airport transportation; limo and car service; shuttles and bus charters. Destination service provided by the company includes hotels and restaurants bookings; tours and attractions arrangements; as well as meetings and events planning services.

About TripTender (http://www.triptender.com) – TripTender is an innovative technology company, engaged in the development and implementation of the latest and most advanced technologies in the field of travel and tourism. TripTender serves both travelers and professionals in the travel and destination industries.

Contact Information:

Alex Roger


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