The Falcon Heavy rocket launched early Tuesday, two cores made it back safely.

SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy rocket launched at 2:30 am ET from Launch Complex 39A at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida on Tuesday morning. It sent its payload of 24 satellites into space. Less than three minutes after the launch, the rocket’s two side-mounted boosters separated as planned from the first stage’s center core and subsequently returned to make a safe landing near KSC. Over the next 3 hours and 30 minutes, the Falcon Heavy’s upper stage separated from the center core and flew onward, into the first of several orbits. One of its missions was to drop off 24 satellites into three different orbits.

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Five-seater, all-electric and jet-powered air taxi makes its first test flight in Munich, Germany.

Lilium, the Munich-based startup developing a revolutionary on-demand air taxi service has unveiled its five-seater, all-electric air taxi prototype. In an announcement last week, the German startup said that its jet-powered air taxi has just completed its maiden flight.

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Imagine someone creating a deepfake video of you simply by stealing your Facebook profile picture.

Artificial intelligence developed by a Samsung lab in Russia can fabricate video from a single image, including a photo or a painting. Even the Mona Lisa can be faked and turned into a convincing real person.

A paper published by the Samsung artificial intelligence lab shows the ability to convincingly turn artworks and celebrity photographs into moving images. 

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