The_Long_Lonely_RoadAustria-based company Marchi Mobile has recently launched a range of ultra-luxurious recreational vehicles. Its state-of-the-art eleMMent Palazzo, the most expensive and extravagant mobile home in the world, has already gone on the market. Seriously fancier and more expensive than a lot of nice houses, the 3-million vehicle represents a luxury villa on wheels equipped with more amenities you can imagine and accessories you never thought you’d see in an RV. Since it is designed for consumers who aren’t concerned with its price, the eleMMent Palazzo is said to be popular with those who are filthy rich and is definitely out most people’s budget.

As soon as you see the Palazzo coming down the road, you realize that this isn’t just a common RV. Some people find its look too futuristic with the cockpit positioned on the second level of the vehicle and featuring a massive circular window with a single-arm windscreen wiper. More »


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38_PackardYou have worked really hard and saved up to be able to buy a retro car on eBay. You spent a fortune but you know it’s a rare find and it’s worth every cent, so you are over the moon. Suddenly one day, federal agents walk in your front door, they say your precious had been stolen before you bought it and they are confiscating it.

Wayne Lensing, a museum owner from Roscoe, Illinois went through the same experience 3 years ago. However, it’s not just a common retro car; it’s Stalin’s 1937 Packard Super 12. More »