изтеглен файлAuto industry executives urge Congress to help create a regulatory fast lane to help the deployment of self-driving cars. Google and other companies producing autonomous cars say they can’t be bothered dealing with individual rules in each state. Read more on the topic here.

800px-ASIMO_Conducting_Pose_on_4.14.2008Humans ability to create art separates us from animals. It it believed that the desire and ability to create art separates us from robots too. However, nowadays robotic musicians, story writers and other art-generating robots call this once unique ability into question. Read more on the topic here.

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2016_Honda_Civic_LX.jpegHonda Motor Co. has recently announced the release of its entry-level vehicle Civic LX sedan with automated safety features and advanced-driver assistance system which makes some of the most sophisticated technology on the market accessible to significantly more customers. The vehicle costs only $20,440.

The new Civic LX can be equipped with advanced-driver assistance systems, known as ADAS. The system keeps a vehicle in its lane and features automatic braking and cruise control. More »

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Artificial.intelligenceA company, called MetaMind, founded in Palo Alto, Calif. in 2014 is focusing on creating software that will be able to answer questions and reason like humans. Read more on the topic here.

800px-Nao_robot,_Jaume_UniversityNadine is a new brand of human-like robot that may one day be used as a personal assistant or care provider for the elderly people. Thanks to the new software, the robot will be able to express an array of emotions and recall a previous conversation. You can see the robot and read more on the topic here.