800px-Tesla_Model_S_(108)Following several incidents, Tesla is planning to limit Autopilote functions for drivers who don’t pay sufficient attention to the road.

Tesla Motors might soon be planning to disable Autopilot’s Autosteer feature for drivers who abuse it and ignore the car’s commands to retake the steering wheel. More »

изтеглен файлSelf-driving cars are more likely to hurt than help people because of unsolved technical issues, engineers, safety advocates and even automakers cautioned the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration during a meeting on Friday. Read more on the topic here.

2016_Honda_Civic_LX.jpegHonda Motor Co. has recently announced the release of its entry-level vehicle Civic LX sedan with automated safety features and advanced-driver assistance system which makes some of the most sophisticated technology on the market accessible to significantly more customers. The vehicle costs only $20,440.

The new Civic LX can be equipped with advanced-driver assistance systems, known as ADAS. The system keeps a vehicle in its lane and features automatic braking and cruise control. More »

изтеглен файлShould your self-driving car be programmed to kill you in order to save a dozen other lives? Recently, Google has announced that the company’s self-driving cars have had just thirteen accidents since it began testing its new technology back in 2009. According to Google, most of the cars were in self-driving mode when the accidents happened, and the other driver caused the accident. Read more on the topic here.

800px-Mercedes-Benz_Actros_truckThe truck of the future, a highly automated Mercedes-Benz, had its premiere on Tuesday. Dr. Wolfgang Bernhard, responsible for Daimler Trucks and Buses and a member of Daimler’s Board of Management, unveiled details of their Future Truck 2025.
There was a remarkable demonstration of the innovative technology on the A14 autobahn near the city of Magdeburg in completely realistic driving situations. Later, a conference was held in the presence of several hundred journalists, investors, government officials and capital-market analysts. More »