800px-Tesla_Model_S_(108)Following several incidents, Tesla is planning to limit Autopilote functions for drivers who don’t pay sufficient attention to the road.

Tesla Motors might soon be planning to disable Autopilot’s Autosteer feature for drivers who abuse it and ignore the car’s commands to retake the steering wheel.

Autopilot updates of version 8.0 software will include programming that will limit functions for drivers who disregard safety prompts, according to sources familiar with the semi-autonomous driving system called Autopilot.

Drivers with Autopilot turned on will receive periodic visual and audible alerts requiring drivers to apply pressure to the steering wheel to stop the alerts and keep the feature engaged. Tesla says the updated alert system should not be ignored. If the driver ignores reminders to “Hold Steering Wheel” for 15 seconds, Autosteer function will disengage, the music will turn off. Autopilot’s Autosteer system will remain disengaged, the car will slow down until the driver holds the wheel back or until the car is pulled over and put in park.

Tesla has tightened its restrictions on the the semi-autonomous driving feature, Autopilot, following a wave of Tesla accidents: several crashes and one fatality. It seems it is another reminder that new technology is not yet ready to give Autopilot full responsibility of the car and its passengers, i.e. it has not been ‘debugged’ completely or further improvements may be possible.

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