468px-Hurricane_Irene_Aug_24_2011_1810ZTropical Storm Erika is blamed for at least 20 deaths and dozens missing on the Caribbean island of Dominica. The storm weakened and is forecast to fall to a tropical depression Saturday. The high mountains of Hispaniola which are in storm’s path threaten its strength and a weaker Erika may reach Florida by Monday, the U.S. National Hurricane Center says. Friday morning, the governor of Florida, Rick Scott, declared a state of emergency ahead of Tropical Storm Erika and got the National Guard prepared for action. More »

Emotiv_EPOC_headsetTired of always keeping your hands on the steering wheel, your foot on the gas pedal and your eyes on the road? And how much are we distracted by talking, texting, shaving or putting make up on while driving? About 16% of all traffic accidents are the result of a driver’s distraction. How about a technology that allows people to drive cars using their thought, not the steering wheel and the pedal? More »

800px-Hacking_in_progress_at_BarCampLondon_3Nowadays, cars are becoming more and more loaded with applications, offering hackers a whole new range of targets.

Chris Valasec and Charlie Miller, two security experts, funded by Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, have proven how easy would be for a cybercriminal to hack the car’s computer system. More »

emmy3NBC announced a few months ago that the 66th annual Emmy Awards will take place three weeks earlier than usual and will air live on Monday, August 26. The shift to late August is made in order to avoid a conflict with NBC’s Sunday Night Football.
Each of the big four networks: NBC, ABC, Fox and CBS get to air the Emmy Awards in rotation and it is NBC’s turn next year. The ceremony has been broadcast in September every year since 2002, except 2006 and 2010 when NBC hosted. More »

Oil_wellAs reported by the Bank of America Corp. and the International Energy Agency (IEA) in June, the United States will remain the world’s biggest oil and natural gas liquids producer this year, overtaking Saudi Arabia and Russia. The country became the world’s biggest natural gas producer in 2010.

It was announced in the report of the bank and IEA that the country is currently the world’s leading producer of oil and natural gas liquids. U.S. production of crude oil along with liquids separated from natural gas have outpaced every other country in the world in the first six months. More »