800px-Sunset_above_the_cloudsInstead of windows, screens lining the cabin project images of the sky outside and the passengers would be able to enjoy “a wonderful panoramic view of the outside world” said Vik Kachoria, president of Spike Aerospace, US company that announced its plans to More »

800px-CIAS_2013_-_2014_Chevrolet_Corvette_(8504929017)_(2)What happens to your high-power shiny car when you hand the keys to the parking valet? You’d be surprised, if you could see it. Some valets confess to having done some really disturbing things like speeding on the street while driving to the lot, revving the engine, drifting, blasting the stereo and changing the radio stations, even rifling through the customer’s belongings.

You don’t have to worry about all these things with the 2015 Chevrolet Corvette. More »

450px-Embraer_195_aircraft_seatsDo you sometimes have to take your wallet out of your pocket, when flying, to spare the discomfort caused by the hard cushion? Or the empty seat beside you seems as one of life’s great little rewards, like finding a forgotten $20 in the pocket of an old coat? Then get ready to feel more and more frequently stuck in the seat.

In recent years, the airlines are reducing the width of their seats, increasing the number of the seats and trimming the aisles by a few inches which translate into added revenue.

Currently, the average width for a first class seat on a Boeing 777 More »


800px-Hacking_in_progress_at_BarCampLondon_3Nowadays, cars are becoming more and more loaded with applications, offering hackers a whole new range of targets.

Chris Valasec and Charlie Miller, two security experts, funded by Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, have proven how easy would be for a cybercriminal to hack the car’s computer system. More »