450px-Embraer_195_aircraft_seatsDo you sometimes have to take your wallet out of your pocket, when flying, to spare the discomfort caused by the hard cushion? Or the empty seat beside you seems as one of life’s great little rewards, like finding a forgotten $20 in the pocket of an old coat? Then get ready to feel more and more frequently stuck in the seat.

In recent years, the airlines are reducing the width of their seats, increasing the number of the seats and trimming the aisles by a few inches which translate into added revenue.

Currently, the average width for a first class seat on a Boeing 777 is 21 inches. Many airlines are shrinking their coach seats to 17 inches wide. Now compare the coach seat size to other seats: a stadium seat width is 19 inches and a movie theater seat is 25 inches.

A research study commissioned by Airbus has found that an 18-inch-wide seat improves passenger’s sleep quality by 53 per cent compared to smaller seats. Besides, the airlines are increasing the number of seats in order to get more passengers per flight and cut the cost of fuel.

However, people need to understand that a plane is pretty much a bus in the air. Would you expect the comforts of your living room on a bus? Why then on a plane? Want comfort? Then pay for first class.

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