800px-Arctic_iceDamen Group, one of the world’s leading luxury ship builders, has unveiled plans for for a ground-breaking new superyacht, named  SeaXplorer, which is capable of breaking through polar ice and visiting  the globe’s most remote destinations. The new superyacht is set to be one of the first to navigate far-reaching corners of the planet. More on the topic here.

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800px-VW_Jetta_(V)_–_Frontansicht,_6._Mai_2011,_VelbertThe U.S. Environmental Protection Agency accused Volkswagen of intentionally dodging air-pollution rules on almost 500,000 cars sold in the USA since 2008.

The agency alleged the automaker installed software on nearly half a million diesel passenger cars that allowed it to cheat emissions tests. The software, dubbed a “defeat device”, activates full emissions controls only during testing but reduces their effectiveness while driving. The result is that the vehicles emit nitrogen oxides up to 40 times the acceptable standard, potentially exposing people to harmful pollutants which increase the risk of respiratory conditions. More »

Backlit_keyboardThe connected cars may be catching everyone’s imagination at this year’s International Motor Show in Frankfurt. But the new technology also brings with it new dangers, such as hacking. More on the topic here.

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American.airlines.b777.arpAmerican Airlines computer systems were restored and the ground stop has been lifted Thursday after earlier “technical issues” at several airports across the country, the airline said.

American Airlines flights to and from Chicago, Dallas and Miami have been temporarily grounded because of an apparent glitch in one of the carrier’s computer systems and that prevented passengers from checking in. The computer systems were fixed after less than two hours. More »

800px-Frankfurt_BMW_i8_at_the_Motor_Show_2011_(6143060125)Shortly after taking to the stage, BMW chief executive Harald Krueger collapsed during a press conference at the Frankfurt Auto show yesterday. The incident happened while he was standing beside the company’s hybrid electric i8 supercar and commenting on BMW’s latest models. Two staff members rushed to help him. It was the first appearance at a major auto show by Mr Krueger, 49. The new CEO took the top job at the German luxury carmaker in May.
You can see a video here.

800px-Inkjet_Cartridge_Microchips_2We can soon forget what it means to open the door with a key. Jowan Oesterlund is a modern-day cyborg. He has a NFC (Near Field Communications) chip embedded in his hand. Oesterlund uses his NFC chip as a key to get into his tattoo studio. He’s a tattoo artist and he also does implants on the side. The grain-sized Near Field Communications chips are not complicated. They have 880 bytes of memory. More »

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