Emotiv_EPOC_headsetTired of always keeping your hands on the steering wheel, your foot on the gas pedal and your eyes on the road? And how much are we distracted by talking, texting, shaving or putting make up on while driving? About 16% of all traffic accidents are the result of a driver’s distraction. How about a technology that allows people to drive cars using their thought, not the steering wheel and the pedal? More »

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800px-HyundaiChennaiThe South Korean automakers Hyundai Motor Co. and Kia Motors Corp. agreed to pay the federal government a combined penalty of $300 million for a violation of the Clean Air Act and overstating vehicle fuel-economy standards on 1.2 million cars, Justice Department and E. P. A. officials said last Monday. This is the largest such penalty of its kind. The settlement could create a pricey precedent and is meant to send a clear message to other automakers. More »