800px-CIAS_2013_-_2014_Chevrolet_Corvette_(8504929017)_(2)What happens to your high-power shiny car when you hand the keys to the parking valet? You’d be surprised, if you could see it. Some valets confess to having done some really disturbing things like speeding on the street while driving to the lot, revving the engine, drifting, blasting the stereo and changing the radio stations, even rifling through the customer’s belongings.

You don’t have to worry about all these things with the 2015 Chevrolet Corvette. The new model of the famous sports car comes with a data recorder that captures video, audio, g-force and driving data when switched to a “Valet Mode”.

General Motors introduced the Valet Mode in 2014, but now its capabilities have been enhanced on cars equipped with the Performance Data Recorder such as the 2015 Chevrolet Corvette and Corvette Z06. Once you activate the Valet Mode by a four-digit code, the system not only locks the glove box and the storage bin, disables the infotainment system, but also records video through an HD camera, in-car audio and telemetry data such as speed, engine RPM and gear choice.

The valet won’t have access to the recorder’s 8-gigabyte SD card to erase any data as it is tucked into the electronically locking glove box. More than three hours of driving video can be saved to the card.

Owners can watch the video on the eight-inch color touch screen when the car is parked or download it to a computer.

The Valet Mode will be available on all 2015 Corvette models.

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