train never stops 2The concept of a brilliant new train innovation was created by Chinese designer Chen Jianjun: getting on&off a train and the train doesn’t even stop. High-speed trains waste both energy and time by having to slow down to stop at the stations and speed up when leaving them.

Moving platforms would allow passengers to board and get off a high-speed train without the train stopping at the stations. The passengers at a station wait in a connector cabin above the tracks. The train will not stop at all. As it enters the station, the train slows down, passes underneath the cabin which locks onto the front of the train roof and travelers descend into the train. The cabin then moves to the back of the train and those who want to alight to the next stop board the connector cabin.

At the next station, the rear cabin is detached and left behind. At the same time a new cabin is picked up in the front part of the train’s roof. So at each station, a connector cabin is always dropped at the rear of the train’s roof and another one is collected in the front part.

Take a look at the video to see how the concept works.

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