Elon Musk teases Tesla-branded tequila update while trademark’s fate is uncertain.

Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk has once again teased the arrival of the all-electric car maker’s own brand of agave liquor, Teslaquila with a “Coming soon!”.

The origin story of Teslaquila involves an April Fool’s joke last year about the automaker filing for bankruptcy where a photo of Musk sleeping up against a Model 3 was posted on his Twitter account, after declaring Tesla’s filing of all chapters of bankruptcy, including the fictional Chapter 14 and a half, the worst one. Later, a bottle of Teslaquila was posted on Musk’s Instagram account, demonstrating that the entrepreneur was serious about producing the liquor in 750ml containers at 40% alcohol content.

A US trademark application for Teslaquila was filed last October. However, in January, a rejection of the mark was issued by the trademark office citing another liquor brand that was confusingly similar to Teslaquila: Spirit Tesla. The Spirit Tesla trademark is owned by a Serbian brewing company, and the alcoholic beverages sold under the mark include a picture of Nikola Tesla.

Teslaquila’s debut anniversary is only a few days away, perhaps Musk has something planned for his ‘bad news’ beverage, after the coming-soon tease. A celebration of Tesla’s earlier-than-expected release of the Model 3 Standard Range and Model Y would certainly be a call for celebratory shots of the branded liquor.

According to Teslarati.

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