A small airplane made an emergency landing on a Florida highway during rush hour and crashed into a car. The incident happened Thursday around 5:30pm on Interstate ramp in Maitland, Florida. The pilot claimed the plane had run out of fuel before landing, police said.

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glow in the dark roadsThe first glow-in-the-dark road project was piloted on April 10 on a highway near Oss, a city in the southern Netherlands. It was received with great enthusiasm. On a 0,3 mile stretch of the highway traditional streetlights has been replaced by light-absorbing markings that are glowing in the dark.

Daan Roosegaarde, a lead designer and founder of Studio Roosegaarde together with the construction group Heijmans developed a special photo-luminescent powder that, when mixed with ordinary road paint charges up in sunlight and releases a green glow in the dark for up to 10 hours. More »

500px-MUTCD_R2-1.svgIt sometimes happens while driving, you see a police patrol behind you or a speed trap, most often you flash your lights to warn the oncoming car which is driving too fast. You feel happy you have just helped a complete stranger to avoid a speeding ticket. However, another deputy stops you and hands you a ticket for inappropriate use of headlights. Shocked isn’t even the right word to describe your feelings at that moment. Don’t worry; it seems that the ticket could easily be fought in court.

The same thing happened to a commercial truck driver Christopher Hill, 38, of Klamath Falls, on U.S. Highway 140 near White City last September. After being fined for misusing his headlights, Chris contested the $260 ticket and said that his actions are protected as free speech. More »