A small airplane made an emergency landing on a Florida highway during rush hour and crashed into a car. The incident happened Thursday around 5:30pm on Interstate ramp in Maitland, Florida. The pilot claimed the plane had run out of fuel before landing, police said.

Although the plane hit a car during the landing, no serious injuries were reported.

The single-engine Piper aircraft is registered to a Llod McKinney, of Gurley, Alabama. The plane landed on Interstate 4 in Maitland, hitting a vehicle on the ground during landing.

Local authorities said the pilot was flying from South Carolina to the Orlando Executive Airport when the aircraft ran out of fuel and was forced to make the emergency landing on I-4 just as rush hour was starting.

Friday morning the small plane was still parked near the interstate. It is up to the pilot to remove it.

Chris Csnadli, a pilot who was nearby, told that he could hear the airplane coming down, “sputtering as it landed.” Csnadli said claimed that he knew that the airplane had been in distress, as he just heard it, and then Chris was able to see it when he came around the corner.

According to Fox News.

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