California start-up ZeroAvia wants to fill the skies with hydrogen-powered planes by 2022

ZeroAvia recently announced that it has been working on hydrogen fuel airplane technology for years and made significant advancements in developing a zero-emission electric power train. Their goal is the powertrain to deliver the same performance as a conventional aircraft engine at a lower operating cost.

The company claims its prototype is the world’s largest zero-emission aircraft flying without any fossil fuel support. It will be cheaper to manufacture and fly than standard jet fuel-powered vehicles, while also producing none of those carbon emissions that make the aviation industry one of the worst environmental polluters.

A few months ago, the Federal Aviation Administration authorized the California start-up to operate its aircraft for test flights. Since then, the prototype has completed a series of test flights, which validated key components and their integration into a complete powertrain system. These tests confirm the company’s fuel economy and maximum power delivery targets.

The idea of electric-powered flight has been around for decades, but only recently the companies started to develop it. There are over a dozen startups and companies today that are pursuing electric and hybrid prototypes.

ZeroAvia intends to begin supplying its powertrain platform to commercial operators and aircraft manufacturers in 2022. The company will initially target 500-mile regional flights in 10 to 20-seat fixed-wing aircrafts to serve the short-haul and commuter air travel markets, which make up nearly half the commercial flights worldwide.

Powered by ZeroAvia powertrains, smaller zero-emission aircraft could achieve similar per-seat economics as today’s large regional jets. In addition to passenger transport, the technology could have applications across other uses including cargo, air taxi, agriculture, and more.

According to The Verge.

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