Intel is planning to launch consumer smart glasses this year.
Intel has developed a prototype for a set of smart glasses that are designed to look normal but are able to provide information like a smartwatch.
Called Vaunt, but reportedly known internally as “Superlite”, the regular-looking glasses are impressively light. They have plastic frames and weigh no more than 50 grams.
The device allows you to check information while doing other activities. For instance, you can check a person’s birthday or other info while you’re chatting on the phone. Sensors can also detect whether you’re in the kitchen and give you recipes or a shopping list.
The electronics are mounted into the stems and control a very low-powered laser that shines a red, monochrome 400 x 150-pixel images into your eye. The glasses use a laser projector to display information in your field of view. The wearer sees a stream of information on what looks like a screen — but it is actually being projected onto the back of your retina and it is always in focus and you can wear prescription or non-prescription lenses. The Vaunt has no camera to creep people out, nor buttons to push, nor speaker or microphone.
The smart glasses pair with a phone via Bluetooth. They will be made by Taiwanese manufacturer Quanta Computer.

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