A horrifying video shows the moment a train smashes into an SUV in Orlando.

Orlando Police have released video showing a SunRail train plowing into an SUV after the car had driven under a closing railway barrier.

Orlando Police stressed in a tweet that trying to cross when a train approaches is extremely dangerous. “Please obey all traffic laws, especially when approaching railroad crossings.” A nurse on the train rushed to the SUV to help out the driver, witnesses said. The SUV driver, a woman, was taken to hospital in a serious condition.

The accident happened on Wednesday. The woman was filmed driving under the barriers in her black SUV despite them being closing. Then she waited for several seconds and when the vehicles on the other side of the tracks moved on, she drove off again and was hit almost instantly and pushed along the train track in her vehicle until the train halted. There were 82 passengers on the train in at the time including a nurse who rushed out of it to help the woman after the collision. 

The driver is still alive but in the hospital in a serious condition. It is unclear if she intended to drive into the train’s path or if it was an accident.

Watch the video here.

 According to Miami Herald.

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