The new Nissan Leaf will operate with just one pedal.Less than a month ahead of the official reveal of the 2018 Nissan Leaf on September 6, Nissan announced that the highly anticipated 100% electric car will be launched with only one pedal, the e-Pedal, an innovative technology that will transform the way you drive a car.
More details have been released about the second generation of the electric car.
Nissan’s brand-new version of its electric car, the Leaf, will be fully unveiled on September 6 when the car will showcase its single pedal mode for accelerating and decelerating. The company claims that this innovative concept is being introduced for the first time in a novel way and the e-Pedal is “the world’s first one-pedal operation.”
The e-Pedal is a revolutionary new technology that will change the way we drive. You push down on the pedal to accelerate as normal and when you want the car to slow down, just ease up on the pedal; if you take your foot off completely, the car stops. The technology works even on hills, allowing a vehicle to stay in place without a person needs to hold the brake pedal down. The conventional brake pedal should be used for aggressive braking situations only, caution from the company. Nissan claims that ‘drivers can cover 90 percent of their driving needs’ with the e-Pedal and users in heavy traffic could benefit from the new technology since they wouldn’t have to constantly move their foot back and forth when decelerating or accelerating. The company says the e-Pedal would simplify driving and make the journey more engaging.

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