car_park_sensorInstead of throwing your keys at the parking valet or struggling to manoeuvre in a multistorey car park, why don’t you leave your car in a special bay at the front of the building? Just check in at a kiosk and a radical new system, called Automated Parking, autonomously parks the car for you inside of a parking garage.
The system is developed by Unitronics Automated Parking Solutions, the U.S. subsidiary of Unitronics.
‘Clients never have to handover keys to a valet,’ says Unitronics. The driver pulls into a special bay, steps out of the vehicle and swipes their card if they are residents of the connecting building if not they can get a ticket at the kiosk. A robot lifts the car and takes it to the closest available spot. When you want your car back either swipe your card or insert the ticket at the kiosk and the system will find and bring back your vehicle.
The system can park hundreds of cars without human intervention. The carbon emissions are reduced because the engine is not in use. The robovalet can provide double or even triple the number of spaces that a conventional garage can provide, as it features multiple entry bays and multiple robots so there is no single point of failure. In addition, the system doesn’t care if it is dark, so there is no need of light or ventilation and it saves on energy.
Fort Lee-based Unitronics Systems has installed the automated parking system in several apartment building across the U.S., and recently opened its latest venture in New Jersey.

According to MailOnline.

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