Ford is planning to test its self-driving vehicles on the streets of downtown Miami and Miami Beach.

The Michigan-based automaker has started a pilot program that includes delivery service, testing self-driving cars around the city and setting up a fleet-management center.

The company’s commercial plans for robot cars include ride-hailing and deliveries, the automaker announced a few days ago. The tests will find out what works for both customers and companies. In addition, the company needs to figure out how to run an armada of autonomous cars which means to focus on maintaining and operating a whole fleet of robot delivery cars. That is why the Detroit automaker is going to build its first operations terminal in Miami.
The vehicles arrived last week, and tests are already underway.

Ford is partnering with Domino’s and the on-demand delivery company Postmates. Domino’s is active right now, while Postmates will be available in March.

At first, the company will study how people interact with driverless deliveries, from the store stockroom to customers’ home. Drivers will be behind the wheel of all autonomous vehicles just for safety, although Ford is currently building a self-driving car without traditional controls like a steering wheel and pedals. The fully autonomous vehicle will be released by 2021.

According to Wired.

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