Beautiful_LandscapeA 40-year pilot from San Francisco has captured the southern states in a way you have never seen before. An array of scenery as well as man-made landscapes look remarkably impressive when photographed from above.

These stunning aerial photographs were taken by Jassen Todorov who spent three weeks flying in a 1976 Piper Warrior plane across the southern U.S. including Florida, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama.

Mr Todorov spent up to four hours a day for three weeks but he stopped along the way to visit friends and explore the landscape.

The remarkably impressive photographs taken from high above the ground capture America’s many faces and show the vast expanse of scenery the country has to offer. From urban images of houses, parking lots and freeways, giant wind turbines in Texas, tractors travelling in perfectly parallel lines to deep craters in the Red Desert, Arizona and swamps and wetlands in Florida and Louisiana that look like alien planets.

Mr Todorov said that he had always wanted to fly across the US from coast to coast, and his plane was perfectly suited for southern winters and northern summers, when the weather was not too extreme. He added that he couldn’t pick up a favorite one, as all the areas were very interesting and distinct. He was impressed by the deserts of California, Arizona and New Mexico that he called “spectacular”, as well as Mars-like landscapes, with many craters and red soil and Florida’s coasts and islands, so colorful and brilliant.

Enjoy some of the amazing shots here.

Source: The United States of Air-merica

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