Drone_with_GoPro_digital_camera_mounted_underneath_-_22_April_2013Your next apartment may come with a drone friendly balcony.

As drones are becoming more popular with people finding use for them in every aspect of our lives, the vehicles will need places to land and our homes may soon come with drone landing pads.

The Drone Tower is a futuristic condo building with large landing pads on their balconies to accommodate small electric aircraft or shipping drone. The concept is created by Charles Bombarier, a mechanical engineer in Quebec, Canada along with Ashish Thulkar, an industrial designer from Bengalore, India.

Bombarier is a founder of a blog called Imaginactive and has been running it for more than three years. In his blog, he has showcased more than 200 far-fetched future design concepts describing new ways to travel through air, water and space.

It appears one of his concepts, the Drone Tower, may soon become a reality. An innovative architectural firm will reportedly build a “drone-friendly” tower block in Japan or Dubai in the coming years.

The Drone Tower concept is described as blocks of flats. Each unit will feature a large balcony with a kind of drone landing site on it. Shipping drones or small aircraft would be able to land there. Most people would not even need to buy their own drones to have these drone landing pads on their balconies. A ride could be simply ordered with an application like a taxi. Software would detect approaching vehicles and make space for them by sliding down the handrails.

So get ready for the next generation of homes.

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