Northern_Ontario_railway_tracks_January_2011In the nearest future people will be taking the train from China to the US.

China is considering building its first intelligent high-speed train. It will be produced by CSR Qingdao Sifang Co Ltd in Qingdao which is a coastal city in east China. The high-speed railway line will pass through the Siberia and Bering Strait; it will run across the Pacific Ocean by approximately 200 km undersea tunnel to Alaska, and then south through Canada to the US. The entire journey will take two days and the train will travel at an average of 350 kmh. The line will be 13,000 km long, almost 3,000 km more than the Trans-Siberian Railway.

The tunnel beneath the Bering Strait is considered to be a remarkable feat of engineering. Four times the length of the Channel Tunnel that links France to the UK, the new tunnel will be the longest undersea tunnel in the world.

The project, nicknamed “China-Russia-Canada-America line”, is being funded and constructed by China. More details of the project are expected to be released soon.

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