Ford teased the fans with a video uploaded on YouTube demonstrating its new electric truck’s remarkable towing capacity.

In 2017, Ford announced that it is planning to sell an all-electric version of its best-selling F-150 pickup truck. Only a few days ago, the American automaker says it would start selling a hybrid version by 2020 and released a video demonstration that shows off the prototype’s impressive torque.

The all-electric F-150 will be everything that its fossil fuel-powered predecessors are, and even more. On the video, the Detroit-based automaker showcased how much cargo its upcoming all-electric truck could actually tow. It turns out the figure lies somewhere between zero and 1.25 million pounds. 

The video is a promise that the hybrid could beat the current F-150 pickup truck, which features a 3,5l twin-turbocharged V6 and can pull 13,200 lbs.

At first, Linda Zhang, chief engineer on the electric truck project dramatically unveiled the prototype as an all-electric vehicle. Then the prototype is seen pulling 10 double-decker rail cars over 1,000 feet. The truck does it once when the rail cars are empty and a second time with them loaded with an extra 42 gas-burning regular F-150s. The latter test puts the entire load at 1.25 million pounds, says Linda Zhang.

The carmaker has not released any specs for its future EV, which was first announced earlier this year. The company has only said it will spend $11.5 billion to produce over a dozen electrified models by 2022. However, Tesla and Rivian are both on its heels with their own electric pickups in the works.

According to The Verge.

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